White and Green Structured Flower bed at Orticolario 2017 by the Garden Designer Roberto Landelli
Lena Knaus

Lena Knaus

The next Generation of Garden Talents – RHS Flower Show Tatton Park fosters Talents

Ready for the next Generation of Gardening?

The next Generation of Gardening has nothing to do with the age – but with the mind. How shall the gardens of tomorrow look like? What do we need and what are the Garden Designers working on?

When surfing for new talents, the outcome is limited. The best contributions are from the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2016 and 2017. The English Royal Horticultural Society organize talent opportunity for those who are 28 years or younger. You see beautiful urban gardens using a great mix of different textures like hard and soft material. Most actually combine it with a lots of wild-flower perennials  – leaving the impression that it’s all very natural and back to the routes. I have linked 2 videos from You Tube that are worthwhile to check-out. My personal favorite is the Urban Garden of the finalist, Robin Dwiar 2016.

Applications for the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park July 18-22, 2018 are still open on the RHS page – click here:

Even if not necessarily young, however, prestigious and talented are the “Gärntner von Eden” – an Association of Garden and Landscape Designers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You find many inspiring examples of the beautiful gardens under this link. 

Another very talented Italian Garden Designer is Robert Landello , recently with his project  ‘Ciclicità lunare’ at the Orticolario 2017 – an awesome  combination of a modern raised flower bed with structured evergreens and intense perennial planting. The below photo is from Orticolario Garden Show 2017, near the Lake Como in Italy.

But it must be more out there? I have looked around on other European sites, but I have only found very limited quality articles with newcomers on public sites.  If you have tips, please share it with me – I am happy to look into.

Your Lena

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