Giardina 2018
Lena Knaus

Lena Knaus

Garden Trends 2018 – News from Giardina Garden Show, Zurich

Garden Show Giardina in Zurich 2018 - Best of Trends and Ideas around Gardening and Living in Garden - "Lifestyle Gardening" pure

Waiting for the Spring? Then you are not alone. During 5 days in March, the Garden Show “Giardina” opens their doors – and around 60 000 visitors comes from whole Switzerland to “Messe Zurich”. In this indoor Garden Show, with an area of approx 30’000 m2,  Switzerland’s most creative Garden Suppliers presents the latest trends when it comes to Garden Design and everything around it.

This year theme, “Live your Garden” – is right in time!

While “Interior Design & Decoration” gets so much attention in Magazines, Stores and Newspaper, our Terrace & Garden – is often forgotten. A pity – this is our extended living room. It’s the place where we meet up with families and friends, enjoy BBQs, play with the kids or a simply use as a retreat. So join the theme – “Live your Garden” in 2018.

What are the Trends for this season? Even if a Garden Show of this size shows diversity, you can clearly notice what the trends are:

  • Wood: “red-colored wood in all areas. Wooden floors, wooden walls, wooden terraces. And if the terraces itself does not have a wooden floor, the alternative “ceramic” even have a wooden look and feel.
  • The terraces are seldom on the same levels. It’s all very playful and often built in levels or “garden rooms”.

The advantages are that you receive a warmer atmosphere, the different sections makes it all a little more private, even with limited space.  The spaces are mainly divided in 2 areas – “Dining” and “Chilling”. Fitting well into the urban peoples motto of life.

Orange flowers with buttercups
Colors are warm, I have seldom seen so many colors on “fire”, orange combined with red and yellow. This year you also see a lots of Buttercups / Ranunculus. Seldom a flower can show so many faces. However some other exhibitors concentrated on pink in different shades. In bouquets as well as in all the spring trees like Magnolia or Cherry.

All in all – a good start of the season 2018!

I am very curious what other shows will show e.g. the Chelsea Flower Show in London.
More to come…
Your Lena

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