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You are dreaming of visiting all the beautiful gardens around the world, but your friends and family wants to relax on a beach or do a road-trip? I know what you mean… Even if I also love the beach and shopping, I still want to include some garden visits or excursions. In some cases this works well, if not, then I “take 1/2 day off” and visit something on my own. With my suggestions, I will only post destinations with a connection with landscaping and horticulture. This won’t be your end-destination, but a stop on the way, easy to combine when you are traveling with friends or family. I hope I can inspire you on the way.

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Hess Collection Sign at the entrance to the winery surrounded by blue and white Alliums

Hess Winery, San Fransisco, USA

As we only had time for one Winery visit during our trip to the San Fransisco area, The Hess Collection was on the top of our list. Not only because of the excellent wines, but also as Donald Hess originates from Switzerland – he came to Napa in the 70es and created this successful family owned property on the Mount Veeder in Napa Valley.

Sign Miami Beach Botanical Garden with blue sky

Miami Beach, Botanical Garden, Florida, USA

The Sunshine State is well visited – and the Botanical Garden is not on the list of the normal tourists – and it’s actually one of the biggest advantages! It’s so peaceful. It’s not very easy to get here with public transportation so I simply took a taxi and was dropped off in front of the main entrance.

View on the Needles Isle of Wight from Gondel with blue see

Isle of Wight, Rye & Sheffield Park, England

When it comes to Garden and stunning landscapes, no other country can offer so much as England. The following photos are simple landscape and botanical ones – however, the area should be part of what you need to see and visit during your lifetime.

Wine vines fields seen from distance at the Hess Collection Winery

It was quite cold in the morning when we left San Fransisco, but up here on Mount Veeder, the air is hot and humid. It won’t take you more than hour to get here – but it’s like another world. There are 3 things that you will need to do – join a tour and listen to the story of the Hess wines, have a look in the Art Gallery and do a Wine tasting in the shadow of the Pergola with some cheese.

Sunchairs Miami Beach Botanical Garden with view on the lawn surrounded by Palms

 The botanical Garden is around 2.6 acre large and you will probably spend an hrs if you take some time to look into all of exotic, native plants and trees. The first impression is that this is a large park, but it’s actually a botanical garden and it was re-designed in 2011 by the Florida landscape architect Raymond Jungles. You can stroll through the Japanese garden, enjoy the ponds and fountains or take a rest in the shadow in one of the sunbeds.

Tistleflower at Isle of Wight with the view of the Needles in distance with blue sea

The Isle of Wight is situated in the middle of the English channel with a mild clima and fantastic landscape. This is the view of the Needles from the south west side of Isle of Wight. The stunning hills below are from Alun Bay, close to the Needles as well. It looks very empty, but coming closer you will see tons of tourists


Blue Allium very close as portrait at the Hess Collection Winery

When you walk around on the property, you will see   the beautiful bue Agapanthus everywhere. Some are planted as a single group and some along a long border. The overall impression is awesome and the light is very special.

Red Japanese Bridge over a small stream in the Miami Beach Botanical Garden

If you have a toddler this is a great place for a break. Instead of staying on the beach the whole day or in cool shopping centers. The younger kids will love to run around on the huge lawn and enjoy the nature.

Nature at Isle of Wight seen from the Gondel at the Seven Sisters

The clima and nature is very special on the island. The below Hydrangea, which I saw in our B&B near Chale, has incredible intense colors.  The last 2 photos are actually from Rye in Kent and the Sheffield Park – all possible to visit on the same road trip.

House Hess Collection very near with the vertical wines growing on the walls on a sunny summer day

The Hess Winery is easy to reach, approx 1 hr drive from San Fransisco. Address:  The Hess Collection . 4411 Redwood Road Napa, CA 94558 .   Internet-site: 

Boarder with blue Allium with green leaves at Hess Collection Winery
Green Grapes growing on the vine at Hess Collection
House and Garden Hess Collection Winery with wines growing vertically on the house and blue Alliums in the garden
Bench at fontain in the Miami Botanic Garden in the summer

Take a taxi to: Miami Beach Botanical Garden
2000 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139, Admission free – check out on the opening hrs. Internet-site: 

Succulent in Garden with green ground cover at Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Violet flower with green leaves from tree or shrub
Big Fontain th palmes at the Miami Botanic Garden in summer