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The Garden Idea​

Are you addicted to gardening?
Do you spend hours on surfing or being on the road for new ideas, plants and inspiration? Are you curious to visit other gardens around the world to catch up on news and trends? Is gardening a part of your Lifestyle? 

If yes – Welcome to my site!
I have a daily mini-blog on Instagram and from time to time I post additional content here on my home-page. 
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Hope to see you around, 


Pink Paeoni very close with a view from above

The Content

I look out for news, trends and gardens for you and hope to inspire you with my guidance. I give you recommendations for gardens to visit, upcoming trends and exhibitions. I check out for other good accounts and sources for you on Social Media.

My posts and portraits primarily contains photos with short texts and headlines. I keep it short - no long reading or searching through the site.

Gardening has no borders - for simplicity the site is in English - my home-base is Switzerland - in the heart of Europe. Join me in exploring the world of Gardens!


Lena Knaus very close smiling in summer 2017

About me

I am Lena Knaus, born 1966 in Stockholm Sweden, living in Switzerland since 1991. Married, mother of 2 teenage-girls and a proud owner of a small garden outside of Zurich since around 14 years.

With a professional back-ground in tourism and the airline business, I had no experience of gardening in early 2006 - but I had a vision..."A White Garden".

I red garden magazines, visited workshops, spent hours (and a fortune) in garden centers. I planted, I failed and I learned.

I'm working full-time as Global Key Account Manager in the Airline Industry and gardening is my passion. I love my family & friends, reading and going for a long run. By spending my time in gardens, I receive the balance and energy I need to be happy.