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The garden is our extended living room – or some of us would say, the living room is our extended garden. If you care for the interior of your house, then the exterior will be just as important. Do you find it a challenge to comply with all needs of the family members and your time? 

Want a garden that is low maintenance, grown your own greens and keep it stylish?

 This is all possible, you don’t need to surf for hours to find the best sites or blogs for the garden of tomorrow. It’s all here – one site for everything. 

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Garden Trends 2020

 In the aftermath of Covida-19 our habits will change – be an early adapter and profit from the beginning: 

1. Cocooning – this is the year we learn to “stay at home”. People will spend their vacation at home in their own garden/ terrace / balcony.

2. Social Distancing – BBQ in the small round with friends in your garden/balcony/terrace rather than attending concerts and parties.

3. Grow your own Green – protect ourself and your loved ones from germs and pesticides. We will seed, plant and harvest our own greens. For the smoothie, salad or BBQ. Vegetables are chic!

4. Bees – save the bees and other insects. We will look for plants that are bee friendly and attract pollinators. Especially as we do need them for our vegetable garden for a good harvest (see 3).

5. Sustainability – “Circle of Life”. We want “Happy Greens” for our Dinner table. We ban toxids and pests and concentrate on organic and self made fertilizers. 

5 more to follow…a



Now begins the most intense time of the year for the Garden Lover. You need to start to work in the garden and at the same time you need to find the right plants in the garden center.

You have no time to get an overview of all the new trends? I have checked out on some new plants, tools and styles that you are free to copy. 

Join me and click below for more information.


The Corona Virus will make us stay at home.

 For the first time – several of the Garden Shows will be cancelled. The Giardina in Zurich was cancelled last minute – I am so sorry for all the exhibitors already building up their booths. All Events and Exhibitions are cancelled with more than 1000 visitors in Switzerland. 

I have not yet bought my tickets for the RHS London Flower show…it’s too unsure if the borders will be open in May – or if the flights will still operate.

2020 will be the years of staying in our garden… not that bad either….