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We need more “Lifestyle” in Gardening! 

Here you will find the latest “News, Trends & Garden-Styling Ideas” around the globe and I will share it with you on Instagram and for larger posts via the blog or this site. I update you on seasonal news out from social media, from garden magazines and from gardens around the world.

The garden is our extended living room – or some of us would say, the living room is our extended garden. If you care for the interior of your house, then the exterior will be just as important. Do you find it a challenge to comply with all needs of the family members and your time? 

Want a garden that is low maintenance, grown your own greens and keep it stylish?

 This is all possible, you don’t need to surf for hours to find the best sites or blogs for the garden of tomorrow. It’s all here – one site for everything. 

Welcome to the next generation of gardening!


Garden Trends 2021

It’s a lot out there – this is what I see is coming up or will continue to grow. 

1. Grow your own – the green way: 

Know what you eat: 

No more herbicides or pesticides on our food please. Why are our vegetables transported thousands of kilometers? The only way to avoid is to grow your own – fully organic of course. 

No more talking – planting!

2. Pollinator Plants:  

‘Bee’ friendly – more plants in our gardens that attracts pollinators. The hoverfly is not only a very effective pollinator, on top, their larvae feeds on aphids and other pests. 

With more plants to pollinate, we secure a larger harvest and less pests!

We need to get the “Balance Back” into our gardens. 

3. Zero Waste – “Bokashi”- Composting

Bokashi – your own ‘indoor’ compost. Make your own power compost within 6 weeks filled with micro-organisms. 

Not only greens can be used during the fermentation – all the left-overs, pasta, rice, meat and greens. Coming closer to Zero Waste…



Some weeks ago we had the hardest winter since many years – and the next week we have full spring.

Not easy to know what to do next when everything happens at the same time. 

Here is my guidelines for tasks to be be done in early spring.



Temperatures were extremely low this winter, some days way below -10 degrees Celcius. Some trees and shrubs could therefore not be pruned as in the past years. 


Start with shrubs like Hibiscus, Hydrangeas and Clematis. For Clematis, double check which pruning group your Clematis belongs too. This links explains the different pruning groups (RHS).

Next weeks I will start with the Buxus and Lavander and in March. Once the Forsythia is starting to bloom in my garden, I start to prune the Roses. 


Inspiration to follow

Quarantine, lock-down and PCR tests…

Events and gardens to visit won’t be a real topic this year. Instead, will present my favorite Instagram and Blogs Accounts. Unfortunately, not all are in English, but when it comes to Instagram, the photos talks.

1. My white garden by Evalill – a charming and contemporary white garden. The garden in south of Sweden, is open for public 1-2x times per year. What I like about her garden…she is using materials that can be bought by most of us. 

2. The potagerblog by Linda in Oklahoma in the USA. How I love her deep green garden! She is one of “us” a self-thought gardener, writer, blogger. In her videos she shares practical and stylish ways to keep your garden up to date. 

3. Charlotte Rowes gardens in the UK. This is WOW factor – and one of my favorite source of inspiration. Can’t afford it – but dreaming if free of charge. No doubt, she is of course an award winning english garden designer.